Who are we?

Three Nine Label is a major player in the music industry that is taking the scene with a storm with its new platform by getting rid of copyright issues. The latter is the major challenge that musicians experience during their careers. Apart from the main problem, Three Nine Label also makes it easy for them to push and market their music easily to their fans. Our 39 platform connects artists to their fans directly removes the middle man and enable artist’s market their music directly to their fans.

Three Nine Platform Services in Detail

Our unique approach for the industry is quite simple to enable musicians to market their products directly to their fans. And while doing so, Three Nine Label is removing the main challenge musicians experience during their day to day duties. We have put up a platform that connects musicians and their fans while still providing the services offered by a record label. We started as a record label many years ago, but as time went by and come in the technology advancement, we saw a gap and are here to fill it. Our record services are still available and at the disposal of any artist. Furthermore, our doors are open to any artists whether a band, solo artist, duo or group at Three Nine Label you are more than welcomed. Some of our most sort-after services are music production, video production, artist management, project management, marketing, photography, graphic design, website development, Press, and Pr. Consultancy services are also available.

Casumo UK

From offering the above services, we have been able to build a raptor with our clients grow their potential and further propel their careers to an excellent level. We will take care of your music starting from the song recording, video/audio production, marketing, promoting and getting you gigs. The years we have been in the music industry has enabled us to grow our skill set and possess the know-how of the industry when it comes to providing services such as loyalty programs, licensing and doing follow-ups on your revenue. From combining our years of experience and understanding the market trends/challenges we come up with Thirty Nine music platform.