Team and Expertise

Team and Expertise

Over the years we have grown our team and increase our resources significantly. We have the best music producers, marketers among other staff who through their combined efforts will give you only the best. Besides that, we also have invested heavily in equipment and have well-equipped studios for music production.

39 Music Platform

There are a lot of musicians with beautiful music that not only takes listeners to another world but also soothes their souls as its common norm music is food for the soul. But the problem is navigation the unchartered waters of the industry without anyone holding your hand. But 39 music platform is here for you. We have developed our platform on emerging and advanced technology which enables easy accessibility to both musicians and fans.


Moreover, the platform also enables the latter to download music right at their phones or listen easily. There are different genres of music at 39 music platform be it hip-hop, rock, jazz, blues, r&b, rap among many more. In addition to the above, the musicians can chat directly with their fans listen to their comments and reply to their queries. Through the latter, fans and artist relationship is improved leading to more revenue for the artists.

Account Creation

For fans setting up an account is quite easy and will only take you a few minutes of your time. You need a valid email address and access to internet connection. With any device, you can set up your account and continue to download the app. The app is available for both Android and IOS users. Similarly, desktop users also have an application available for them. To download the music will also set you back a few dollars and after that, the songs will be available as long as your account is active.

Additional features

The chat feature is one of our best feature on 39 music platform. Apart from musicians and fans having access to 39 music platform, music producers, talented instrument players and the public at large can also showcase their talent at the platform through videos. 39 music platform aim is to promote musicians and improve their overall relationship with their fans. We also carry out competitions and tournaments while in search for talented artists who haven’t yet hit the public scene. There is also a marketing section where signers, event planners, DJs and anyone in the industry offering such services can market the services they provide. Another fantastic feature is fans can easily follow their favorite musicians with ease through 39 music platform.  Through our platform, the musicians themselves push their music to their fans and watch their revenue increase. But if one is too busy, our marketing and distrusting services are available.